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Jonathan’s extensive career has been spent as both a consultant and senior executive in blue chip organizations around the world, helping them become successful through the productive use of technology. Most recently he has taken a leading role as a non–executive director with an SME in the tech sector, taking them through a series of successful acquisitions and a complete organizational restructuring. They are now emerging as one of the leading companies in the sector.

Much of his career has been spent with organizations facing the challenge of rapid growth and increasingly challenging markets – Universal Music, Estée Lauder, John Lewis and Harrods to name a few – and although his responsibilities have been principally related to technology, this has given him a keen understanding of the keys to business success.

His business philosophy is based on:

  • Agility is the key to enhanced strong business performance. In an increasingly uncertain business environment, organizations cannot stand still – but need a strong sense of purpose, a desire to experiment, the intelligence to read the market signals and the courage to change direction accordingly
  • Talent is the primary asset and getting the best from it is the top responsibility of leaders. This means creating high–performing teams, pointing them in the right direction and giving them aligned incentives – then even the most outrageous goals become achievable
  • Waste is your principle enemy. Waste is defined as the use of resources – people, assets and time – that confers no value to your customers. This forces you to focus on seeing the world through the eyes of the customer and that is always a good thing
  • Technology is – potentially – your friend and for many organizations is fueling enormous challenges and opportunities from which few sectors are immune. The key is to grasp the opportunity and recognize that “doing nothing” is not an option

Jonathan has a passion for bird–watching and travel. He combines these interests as a director–at–large with the Friends of Bosque del Apache, a charity supporting this National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.

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