Why Sales Training works if you invest wisely

The perception of Sales Training within business is pretty mixed. The thought of salespeople coming back from a training course all ‘pumped up’ and bristling with confidence excites Senior Management in some businesses but fills others with dread.

Sales Training has changed enormously since the ‘ra! ra!’ days of ‘Close that Sale’ . In those days a mentality of ‘get the order’ at all costs prevailed with little interest or understanding of the client or customer’s needs. Fitting the solution to the problem was never considered because the problem was never identified! ‘Pumped up’ was an understatement when seeing salespeople leaving these courses but sadly the results for the businesses paying for this training were either disappointing or short term at best.

Why? The best salespeople are, quite simply, excellent listeners and we focus heavily on listening skills in our early stage Sales training. It is quite remarkable to see the tangible difference made to the relationship between a business and its clients/ customers if good questioning is combined with excellent listening skills are demonstrated credibly in a sales call. the client/ customer suddenly sees that the sales contact is really interested in their business and working with them to meet their goals. This improved positive and constructive relationship leads to long term business building programmes being established and a relationship that competitors find difficult to dislodge. This makes the benefits long term and continuous.

In addition, right now, we meet many businesses who are concerned about the ability of their sales team to counter price objections. We regularly see concessions made or ‘complete surrender’ with the subsequent erosion of margin for the business concerned. Much of this margin loss is totally avoidable. Some simple techniques and tools can make a big difference in this area and, once the sales team grasp these, their ability to resist client/ customer price challenges takes a big leap forward resulting in business held or won generating the right margins for all. No one can promise a ‘win’ every time but these additional techniques and tools do increase the ratio of success.

Techniques used by the Sales Trainer in the classroom have also changed over the years (much to the relief of delegates!). The lectern lecture with overheads and training manuals – the ‘turn to page 307’ instruction (yes those very manuals that make excellent door stops) has disappeared from the portfolio of the best sales training Companies. They, like Tinderbox, focus on Accelerated Learning techniques that provide delegates with an experience that is truly enjoyable yet allows them to learn more quickly and successfully. These approaches and techniques have completely changed the shape of classroom sales training and made the whole event more productive for all.

Work with a Company using the very latest and best techniques and view it as an investment. All of our Sales Training courses are client specific and focus on the needs of that client and their required outcomes and progress.

If you can visualise the potential value and benefits of investing in your Sales department/ team contact us for a free/ no obligation meeting/ discussion on what to expect in real business development terms following one of our Sales Training courses.

David Turner

Managing Director

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