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Recently we presented at a Business Seminar in Birmingham to a number of businesses. The event was organised by one of the new “Challenger Banks” – click here to find out moreand we featured alongside them and the Regional representative of the Bank of England.

The whole event was about growth, how to recognise the opportunity, unlock it and options for funding it.

The BOE gave an insight into their August Monetary Policy Committee Review findings. Headlines were not surprising:-

  • Plans for a limited and gradual Rate increase
  • Growth and inflation outlook little changed in last quarter
  • Unemployment falling far quicker than forecast - although this reduction in unemployment is now forecast to decline more slowly

We felt that the report signalled that there is nothing that the market says to prevent business growth, particularly those businesses with both the appetite and skills to make it happen.

We presented a high level view of our highly successful and effective Step Change/ Breakthrough Growth programme that we have now implemented with a significant number of clients. This programme encourages forward thinking owners/ Managing Directors to ‘grasp the nettle’ and with our help enables them to unlock all of the latent potential and new opportunities within their business. It focuses on the ability to:-

  • Clearly visualise the Step Change goal sought and to make it visible to their organisation - breaking out of ‘incrementalism’
  • To access and embrace important sources of applicable knowledge (not just information) that underpin the goal
  • To utilise creative thinking in tandem with applicable knowledge to create a climate where Step Change (not stretch) goals are achieved via practical thought and action

The growth generated by this programme does not often need much (if any) investment because it unlocks what already exists within the group a lot of the time. These hidden strengths are also rarely recognised until we help the business to see what could be achieved by using them. It often needs just a change in approach or technique or simply an understanding of what business the company is REALLY in versus what it thinks it is in....

The Bank concluded the presentation with an outline of the types of funding options for growth when additional financial resource is required.

A highly successful event that we were pleased to participate in.

If Step Change Growth interests you and you also feel that you would like to break the ‘incrementalism’ habit - get in touchfor a free/ no obligation discussion/ meeting.

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