The Positive Attitude To Change

We are, by and large, creatures of habit. Even at a senior level in business we get bogged down in the minutia of running the business day to day and only when something forces change do we do something about it.

We change immediately if:

  • A major competitor introduces a superb new product or service and we need to ‘get back on track to compete’
  • We fall into financial difficulties such that make ‘business as usual’ impossible – e.g. cash flow problems, bills not paid etc. etc.
  • A major customer threatens to move suppliers unless changes to the way you operate are made and made quickly

The problem with all this is that while the changes may well occur and have an effect of a positive nature they are all reactive and not proactive. Those that adopt the negative mind set when it comes to change will continually lag in their market and will be followers.

As J.K. Galbraith put it:-

‘Faced with the choice of changing one’s mind and PROVING there is no need to do so, almost everybody gets busy on the PROOF’.

All this mindset causes is a search for information, facts and perceptions that support your negative view on change and leaves you exactly where you were but (in reality!) falling further behind those who embrace change and stay at the forefront of their market developments.

To highlight this point, we are running a series of Workshops across 2017 that raises the real challenge (or opportunity) presented by Digital Disruption – the changes in digital technology, digital support and digital opportunities and the sheer scale of them is frightening – in our Workshop we outline the downside of not embracing this whole area and the upside of staying ahead of the curve.

Entrepreneurs are to be admired for the ground-breaking changes that they make to markets. I just read some comments made by James Dyson on Brexit. They indicate how someone with a positive mindset approaches inevitable change. Not for him the negativity of, I am concerned about what will happen post Brexit (a typical reactive approach) but a far more positive approach and mindset of something like, I am excited by and interested in what new opportunities Brexit throws our way and we intend to be at the head of the pack. What bets would you place against Dyson being at the forefront of making the most of Brexit?

So if you want to succeed and lead in the millennium – whatever market you work in take this advice:-

  • Have an open and positive mindset in relation to change and the OPPORTUNITIES it may provide for your business
  • Explore the technology that could make a major difference to your business and keep you/ get you ahead of the rest
  • Think ‘what if we could?’ and ‘how do we overcome the barriers that might prevent us’ and not ‘that will not be possible in this market’
  • Look at other markets and other ideas in those markets that might be adaptable and a ‘new way’ in your market
  • Don’t get bogged down with and stick to strategies that are ‘past their sell by date’ – it’s all about results – changing strategy as needed is a positive business approach

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