So I Called The Glazier In - To Fix a Broken Downpipe

It sounds like a ludicrous statement and something that we'd never do. After all, we're far too sensible and value our property too much to call in the services of someone who doesn't possess the necessary expertise.

But does the same common sense prevail in our business? Apparently not! Every day thousands of businesses hand over the responsibility for dealing with key issues to people who simply do not possess the appropriate skills and levels of experience. As a direct result, many businesses suffer further difficulties.

At Tinderbox, our advice is simple and follows the same approach that you would adopt if you required property maintenance:

  • Find an expert in the particular area of specialism you need
  • Check out their credentials and experience (i.e. do they have credible and sufficient 'on the job' experience, not just ideology but practicality too?)
  • Make sure they use the most up to date techniques
  • Choose someone who understands exactly what your needs and constraints are and can come up with the appropriate solution that works for you
  • Make sure you get value for money and see a proper return on your investment.

These are all principles at the very heart of Tinderbox's approach when we work with our business clients. We employ only experts in their field who have 'worn the T-shirt' and can deliver great practical solutions, enabling us to meet the challenges of your business credibly and effectively. When work falls outside our area of expertise and we know that the client will benefit more by using someone else, we will recommend one of our trusted business partner organisations, who we know will deliver great results within their particular area of specialism.

In other words, we recommend you take care of your business as you would your home. Get the experts working with you to meet your goals and don't accept poor substitutes.

To arrange for a no obligation discussion with one of our expert team please contact us.

David Turner

Managing Director

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