Seasons Greetings, FISCAL 2012 - Some Thoughts

We hope you all have a great Xmas and that you are looking forward to a successful New Year. There really isn’t much cheer out there (cue BBC/ Daily Mail etc.!) but Xmas is a great time to relax and recharge your batteries ready to kick on when the New Year (and New Fiscal for many) starts. A question for you, how do you view the year ahead for your business, what’s your expectation?

    A. ‘We’re going to hang on in there whatever’

    B. ‘We’ll be lucky to make it through unless things improve’

    C. ‘We’re keeping things tight’

    D. ‘We might get a bit of growth’

    E. ‘We have some fabulous opportunities that can make a real difference to our business’

The vast majority of businesses that we start working with sit, initially, in categories A to D but many just don’t realise that they really could be in category E and that lots of opportunities exist. It often takes a neutral, objective and experienced view and subsequent input to spot the opportunities that lie within businesses already. That’s not a criticism but more the reality of people who are ‘submerged’ in a business every day which often leads to great difficulty in seeing clearly – the words ‘trees’ and ‘wood’ come to mind.

How do we know such situations exist? Quite simply because we at Tinderbox have been in many similar situations personally, running businesses and working very hard, experiencing the very same problems.  We are privileged now to be able to use our skills and experience to our clients, take these neutral/ objective views and get great satisfaction from seeing our clients’ businesses develop dramatically in the toughest markets.

One thing is absolutely clear – carry on doing the same things and you’ll get the same results. You have to think very differently to effect a real change in performance.   

Whatever market you are in, opportunities exist to grow, whether that is through the market growing itself (a rarity at present), generic range/offer/ service improvements or just taking business from your competition by outselling them. By the way outselling doesn’t necessarily mean undercutting!

Many businesses out there have huge opportunity they just can’t see – our advice is to unlock your potential and get on the way to major improvements in 2012 before your competition steal an advantage. We might be able to help.

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