Sales Skills, the biggest hole in the SME armoury.....

Tired of flat/ declining Sales and want to grow profitably?

A 2013 growth survey of 450 SME’s (combined turnover £1.6 billion) by Albion Ventures has discovered some interesting facts about skill gaps from the respondents. The three most significant skill gaps as defined by these respondents are:-

    1. Sales – 16% of respondents

    2. IT – 12% of respondents

    3. Financial Management – 10% of respondents

So why should Sales top the list? From our extensive experience and success in improving our SME clients’ sales performance we would cite the following causes of this significant skill gap:

  • Owners/ Managing Directors whose own skill sets are very distinct from Sales- e.g. Manufacturing or Finance backgrounds
  • The absence of a defined Sales approach or process within the business for the Sales team to follow – resulting in a varying and inconsistent standard of Sales call with customers and indifferent results
  • Hiring people who purport to be good sales people because they are good talkers
  • Believing that or ‘being sold’ on the fact that recruiting an experienced Salesperson (typically ‘from the industry’) will result in them bringing their customers with them – it rarely happens!
  • Insufficient detail on specific accountability for Sales roles causing a lack of focus and confusion
  • An absence of ‘leading edge’ sales skills that clearly illustrate that to be a good salesperson BEING A GOOD TALKER is not the key requisite

So how do we correct the above for our clients and transform their performance?

  • We introduce new Sales strategies to our clients’ Owners and Managers and combine this with laying down a practical process that works and can be successfully followed by all Sales people – this often manifests itself in our writing a complete Sales Operational Guide specific to our clients’ needs and business
  • We define the right sales structure for our clients’ businesses – cost effective and productive and then help putting square pegs in square holes!
  • We provide a better Recruitment offer where required avoiding the ‘I’ll bring them with me’ trap and introducing, through our Recruitment team, intelligent and fresh people who can create a ‘step change’ in performance and who fit the business style and culture
  • We introduce, alongside these changes, ‘leading edge’ selling techniques and skills that can be repeated consistently to create more and more successful sales outcomes – one of the most important being the need to ‘actively listen’
  • We work alongside the Management to implement the programme if necessary and train in the skills, ideas and process to their team leaving our clients’  business in much better shape possessing real selling ability that can and will increase their market share profitably
  • We help Management devise, cost and implement effective target and bonus programmes.

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