Once Upon a Time......

There was a family owned organisation in the business of supplying products for the Construction market. By anticipating market trends and developing great products in the early days the family had beaten the competition and dominated a growing market – they got rich.

The family passion to run the business continued. However the market matured and competition entered the scene. The Company remained strong players with good products but as this competition increased they experienced different pressures on price etc. from generally inferior goods. The ‘nibble’ on profits from these competitors and products soon turned the business into a loss making unit – propped up by the passion and money of the family owners and not by trading performance.

Board meetings ran the ‘usual’ way, frustration from the FD, excuses from the Sales and Marketing Director – ‘you try selling in this market’, and more frustration from the Operations Director when new products/ materials ordered in were not sold. The frustration and the losses continued. The Managing Director held things together bravely.

By chance the Financial Director attended a Seminar about Sales and Profits. He asked the presenters to come to the Company’s premises and it was agreed, following a meeting with the family, that they would conduct a thorough analysis of the business. This they did with a focus on the sales area which included visits with the Sales team to customers.

So what was the problem?

  • Unrelenting downward price pressure from buyers – NO
  • An un-acceptance of the Company’s new products – NO
  • Immense Competitor pressure from like for like products – NO

So why the failing sales and margin??

  • They found a real market need and appetite for the Company’s premium products that out performed cheaper and inferior competition
  • They found a real enthusiasm from buyers for these products

But they also found...

  • A Sales team totally afraid to quote the premium price of these products even when buyer’s product feedback was great
  • A Sales team totally un-equipped to negotiate or defend the price when challenged
  • A Sales team conceding margin as a child eats sweets without supervision

The lack of skills and concessions/ losses that occurred as a result was costing this Company £500,000 a year in lost margin. The fix was to employ a team of experts to train in the skills and, where necessary, strengthen the team. What was the cost of this work - £25,000! The team that helped – Tinderbox.

Don’t paper over the cracks – get to the real problem, get it sorted and get moving forward... contact us now.

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