Olympic Standards in your business

Will your business benefit from the Olympic legacy?

What’s your Olympic legacy going to look, sound and feel like for your business? Few people could have been left unmoved and unimpressed with the fabulous achievements of medal winning competitors over the last two weeks. People surpassing expectations at every turn, new faces, new records, new legends! All making an extraordinary difference to their lives and the lives of many of the onlookers.

The most successful Olympians also demonstrate the traits of the most successful businesses – to get your business to the Olympian standard will require the same focus on what really counts.

The three areas below certainly play a major part in medal winning activity:-

  • The importance of PREPARATION. Every winner needs it. Think about the amount that athletes need to complete to stand a chance of success. The competitor who cuts back on preparation will not succeed but opponents will. In today’s highly competitive business markets thorough planning and preparation completed with knowledge and know how give top performing businesses the edge every time – make sure your levels of planning and preparation are at the very highest standard – you are setting yourselves up for failure if they are not.
  • VISUALISING A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME – wonderfully demonstrated by the 100 metres runners – focused on executing their plan/ strategy in less than 10 seconds – only one outcome in their mind – breaking the tape at the finish in first position. They aim high but with credibility. Set your goals this way – think about them – visualise achieving them and what it would mean for your business and/ or your life if you did. Think about your customers the same way. What would buying your proposition do for your customer’s business/ life? VISUALISING THIS MAKES IT MUCH EASIER TO SELL TO THE CUSTOMER by understanding what the real benefits are.
  • The IMPORTANCE OF A COACH/ MENTOR – this is very important in sport, Lendl and Murray, Farah and Salazar and many, many more. Potential Olympic winners already possess great talent – the coach /mentor gets the best out of them. They see things the athlete doesn’t see and optimise performance. The same is true in business. Using outside, professional help can unearth many opportunities for your business. Opportunities that might have been there all along but just not spotted or new opportunities that present themselves. How do you put a value on a coach helping an Olympian win Gold with their advice? It’s priceless! Similarly businesses that recognise that professional external advice can be of great assistance see better results – as long as they pick the right ‘coach’.

What’s the Olympic legacy for your business? Are you simply happy holding your own or doing a bit better? If there’s an ‘Olympian business’ competing with you standing still or marginal improvement just will not happen because your competitor plan for great success, visualise the outcome and succeed in getting ‘step change’ performance.

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