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There is a bit of a paradox going on within business at the moment and we come across it a lot. We have many clients who have absolute pride (quite rightly) in their product or service, often because they invented/ devised it and simply put, it is the best in their market. These clients will fight tooth and nail to uphold their superiority in product quality/ service ethic etc. etc. and leave no stone unturned to ensure that all is good in the product/ service category.

The paradox comes when, despite all this pride etc., they cannot tell us 100% how EFFECTIVELY their product service is being sold on the front line. They say things like:‐

  • ‘We have a highly experienced Sales Director who has been with us for years and he / she handles all of that area for us‘
  • ‘Our sales team know their customers inside out‘
  • ‘Our sales guys can talk for England‘
  • ‘Our sales team know the product/ service inside out ‐ there is no sales team more knowledgeable in our market‘
  • ‘We have to deal with margin loss ‐ we can‘t possibly sell a price increase ‐ the market will not take it ‐ our sales guys have given us information that says that competition are lowering prices to get business ‐ how can we increase in such a climate?‘
  • ‘We have a great product/ service but the market is tough and so margins are slipping‘

The truth is that no matter how good/ superior your product/ offer is it can be destroyed at the ‘front line‘ by a sales team who are not attuned to the very best in sales techniques and armed with the most effective selling tools.

Before we are leapt on by all and sundry let‘s defend the Sales Director/ Team ‐ what if they have never been shown the most effective modern sales techniques or been introduced to the tools that can make a difference? The fact that they may very well lag behind your competitor‘s sales force (who may well have an inferior product to yours but a better sales approach bringing them superior results to yours) is not their fault. You may very well have some excellent salespeople, they just need the chance to see, learn about, use and introduce the very best that modern selling can deliver. To not get the team on a par at least, but better as a goal means that your business will lose many, many £000‘s in sales and margin every week and will simply not make the most of what you have to offer?

Managing Director‘s / Owner Manager‘s ‐ what to do

    1. If you haven‘t done so recently make sure you see your sales team in action by seeing a few customers with them ‐ the customer will feel great about it!

    2. If you are delighted with what you see (and happy with the way sales and margins are progressing) keep it going!

    3. If concerned by what you see or what is happening to your business take action to change SOMETHING before it is too late.

    4. If you personally are not familiar with what is really needed in sales today, get a neutral body with the experience and credibility to assess the quality of your sales team/ calls, and compare them with best practice and provide you with the action steps you need to ‘bridge the gap‘ from ordinary to superior in sales terms. Then you will start to get your business delivering to its true potential.

Tinderbox has all that it takes to deliver on point 4 and we would be happy to meet with you, free of charge, to discuss your sales challenges and outline how we might help. If your sales/ margins aren‘t great, what have you got to lose?

David Turner

Managing Director

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