How to Make Your Own Luck in Business

You will never find a rainbow if you are always looking down’

Charlie Chaplin

How many times in your business career have you heard the expression – ‘they got lucky?’ or as it is often put ‘they were in the right place at the right time’?

I’ll bet it is countless times because when other businesses achieve something that we or other competitors didn’t feel possible it is a common human reaction to bring their ‘luck’ in the equation.

I refer to a statement made by Gary Player, winner of multiple Majors in the golfing world. When challenged by a spectator who said ‘you are a lucky s.. of a b…… Mr Player’ he simply retorted with – ‘Funny that, the more I practice the luckier I seem to get’.

It’s difficult to practice in the sporting way in business but fortune tends to follow businesses that act in a certain way and that adopt the appropriate positive mindsets. For example, it pays to remember how lucky you are to be in a situation where you can change events even though things are running against you. That is a positive way to look at challenges.

Opportunities are all around us all of the time – opportunity comes from being open to those opportunities in the first place. Adopting mindsets like ‘what would happen to our business if we could do that?’, or ‘why don’t we try?’ will lead you and the business in to new exciting areas – they may not all prove to be fruitful but if, for example, from eight ideas or exploratory routes you find just one gem that transforms your business or simply adds a lot to your bottom line, hasn’t that exploration been worthwhile? It is a fact that the businesses who take more chances, turn up for the battle, do things and are more active than others will be more fortunate or ‘lucky’ – luck likes all of this stuff.

Success is undoubtedly a combination of things – we should not ignore what always works well – hard work and knowledge - but by becoming more active, interested in other opportunities/ ideas and yes, by taking more chances, you give yourself the opportunity of being luckier because fortune follows the people who ‘have a go’.

Follow your vision, have a total commitment to action and things will have a tendency to fall in behind you.

Next time you get ‘beaten to the punch’ by competition have a think – was luck the predominant factor or do they exhibit behaviours and attitudes that give them a better chance of ‘getting lucky?’

You never know, in no time at all your competitors may be cursing your ‘luck’.

Worth a try???

If you need help, support or advice on how to transition your business into significant growth and change your luck get in touch with me at: or on 07747 023610.  All initial meetings/ discussions are free with absolutely no obligation.

David Turner

Managing Director

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