Growth - The Journey Beyond Incrementalism

A number of the businesses we have worked with over the last few years have not just grown but grown SPECTACULARLY. They have truly achieved what could only be classified as Step Change/ Breakthrough growth results in sales and profits.

What are the key ingredients that allow this to happen, or better put, create the conditions that make this happen? In this series of 3 articles we will take you through the steps required to achieve significant and game changing growth. Here‘s the first …

Let‘s start with this statement …


This is the start of the journey – you as leader of your business must PICTURE the step change that you want to occur. What will it look, sound and feel like? Is the sales/ profit growth going to be 20%, 25% or 50%? The goal that you set, if you create the right conditions, stimulates both the thinking and the action plans amongst your team that are required to make the goal happen.

Let‘s examine this a bit more. If you set your team an incremental goal of 5%, 10% or 15% guess what? They get busy on finding the ways to achieve this and no more. The result (at best) will be 5%. 10% or 15% and no more! If it‘s achievable by simply repeating what you have done before to achieve it no one starts to think in any different way. Your people will follow a familiar pattern and you get the same results (again at best).

If you are happy doing a ‘bit better’ that might be OK but there is no way you will achieve significant growth. Read this statement…

‘The sorts of action steps an organisation comes up with, the sorts of knowledge it seeks, the sorts of thinking it uses, are directly related to the size of the goal pictured in people‘s heads’

John O‘Keefe

What you need to do is to get your people to think of fundamentally better ways to perform their work and to cut out unnecessary work. You then need to arm them with the knowledge, tools and means to meet ambitious goals. Setting them incremental goals will merely condemn the business to incrementalism AT BEST. Challenge your team – aim higher, extend your teams&lquo;s thinking to determine how greater goals can be achieved and you may be surprised at what they come up with.

The energy, mindpower and time that it takes you and others to work for a small incremental improvement could just as easily be used in working towards the sort of step change improvement you seek. As a leader of business you should get positively depressed and demoralised about working for small step change improvements and you should get addicted to seeking step change growth – nothing else is worth your time and effort!

‘If you reach for the stars you may not quite get one but you will not end up with a handful of mud either’

Leo Burnett

Makes you think doesn‘t it!

If you are interested in generating step change growth for your business and feel that a free, no obligation meeting might be of use, call us on: 0116 232 5231, contact us at: or contact me direct as below.

Look out for the second in this series, early July…

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Managing Director

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