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We wholeheartedly believe in optimism being at the fore of creative business thinking but we also face reality with our clients head on. In talking to a client recently we discussed their European business and some of the difficulties being experienced, for example, in the Eurozone. The real economic difficulties being faced by people in Greece, Italy and Spain are bound to affect trading conditions for many.

As one door closes (to a degree at least) others open and it is an ideal opportunity for those businesses reliant on Europe to cast a global net and see how emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil (to name but three) could play a significant part in building business and providing a healthy spread of trading.

The trouble is that many businesses have no idea how to access these markets even though there is a strong feeling that the product or service they offer would fit very well. Organisations like the Chamber of Commerce provide sound guidance on Export and the criteria to consider. We too provide expert and experienced practical input on, for example:-

  • Development of Export plan and strategy
  • Market conditions in chosen markets
  • The best manufacture/ supply source for the market
  • Trading Terms and Financial Arrangements
  • A robust and cost effective Logistics plan
  • Main players (competitors) in the market you target
  • Key trading partner targets (e.g. Retailers)
  • The best routes to market... Office? Distributor? Agent?

Tinderbox not only helps initiate the plan but we also ensure that our clients can implement it successfully thereby adding an extremely profitable avenue for the business. We are also neutral and objective and if your product/ service really would not, in our view, succeed we tell you so at the outset avoiding any wasted investment.

There is, potentially, a lot to gain in global trading when you ‘know the ropes’. For a no obligation discussion/ meeting to establish your global potential and opportunities.

David Turner

Managing Director

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