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With a number of economic signals indicating that we are probably coming out of recession it was with interest that I listened to an article on the radio announcing that confidence is returning and businesses are recruiting again – particularly in the area of Sales.

Recruitment has been described in many ways ‘hope you get lucky’, ‘take a calculated risk’, ‘’always a gamble’ but done correctly at the right time and for sound reasons (particularly when the recruitment relates to your front line sales) it can add much to your top and bottom line performance.

If sales recruitment is up across the UK, and from our own sample of clients we see just that, it is so important that businesses get the process of hiring in shape before embarking on it. As experienced sales trainers and recruiters (for our clients) we can pass on the following advice:-

  • Before recruiting make sure you know what you have already got – and what they are capable of if given the right sales tools. Have you properly reviewed and talked to the existing team? Are you fully aware of their skills, aspirations and potential?
  • Armed with this information is recruitment necessary? Is training or providing better selling tools the right option?
  • Define the job around the work required and not around the people – think structure first and then coach/ add the relevant people according to their skills
  • Prior to advertising/ searching make sure you have a full job description and understand and have defined exactly what’s going to be expected of the individual and thereby what competencies and experience you seek. It’s no use recruiting a ‘farmer’ if the job is all about ‘hunting’
  • How will they be measured? What will success look like in three months, six months, in a year?
  • How will you develop them? Good people will not stick around a business that doesn’t develop them and their career – fail them and they’ll leave for your competition causing you bigger problems!
  • When/if advertising clearly specify the competencies/ experience you seek and stress that you will expect to see demonstrable success in their career to date
  • When interviewing focus on questions that ask for specific evidence of success

Get this right and you will have a far better chance of getting the right person for the right reasons that generate the right business outcomes.

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