Exhibitions. To show or not to show. Is that the question

We recently completed some staff training for two of our clients, a North Sea Oil Company and a major Energy Company. These companies had decided to invest in making their staff as effective and efficient as possible when manning their Exhibition stand thus ensuring that visitors attending the Company’s stand had an excellent experience. The training went well and the trainees and our clients were highly pleased with the output.

It led us to think about how much money businesses spend on Exhibition stands to ensure that they have the most striking features, stand out from the competition and are, as a shop window for their products or services, highly impressive selling and marketing tools. However, despite all of this investment, it is very clear that if your team do not get their approach right on the stand in that important interface with customers/ visitors you’ll not get the ROI you seek from your Exhibition experience and miss out on a lot of business opportunities.

Our experience of Exhibiting and visiting many Exhibitions tells us that the most important thing is to engage the visitor quickly and effectively by asking open questions that get immediate input FROM THEM. Once information has been gathered about what they seek your team member can tailor the experience accordingly and make the visit informative, productive and thereby, most importantly, meet the expectations of the visitor.

Too many times visitors are asked ‘Can I show you this’ ‘Let me take you to that’ before any information gathering questions using what we call the ‘six best friends’ have been asked -  e.g.  ‘How much do you know about’…‘What particular areas are you interested in’.

Gathering this knowledge early your staff can ensure that your visitors/ customers/ potential customers will enjoy an Exhibition experience that beats your competition hands down!

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