Watching BBC morning news programme the other day I saw a special feature on a Pastie company that had emerged from a difficult time and had significantly increased its daily production, via huge improvements in productivity. When asked by the interviewer how they had done this the MD responded:

‘By empowering our people’

He went on to explain how they had asked the staff for their solutions and ideas to improve performance and productivity and given that opportunity they had provided a number of suggestions, mostly very practical, some of which had been implemented with great success.

This story is interesting to us because this company has used just one of the three strands in our Step Change Growth programme – Harnessing Know How – and has seen great improvements as a result.

Harnessing Know How allows people within a business to offer their ideas and solutions to get better results. Too many SME‘s believe that all knowledge sits with position holders and therefore never consult with the people in the heart of the business to see what they think. Solutions in these companies only come from the Boardroom whereas the real smart solution is to link the Boardroom to what‘s happening in the business and get the day to day people involved in working through problems.

This approach is very beneficial, not only in generating great business results but also in the motivation of staff. People start to believe that they can and do play a big part in making the company successful, that they are not just a number and that their contribution is valued. With improved motivation comes improved personal performance – it‘s a very positive circle for success.

Coupling this step, as taken by the Pastie company, with the two other strands in our ‘Triangular Thinking‘ approach (which drives Step Change Growth) has already achieved immense growth for many of our clients and will for those who give it a go in the future.

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