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PROTECT Your Clients from GDPR Blues


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Just 26% of UK marketers state they are “very confident” that their data governance procedures are robust enough to be deemed compliant. We understand from the ICO that, at the end of June 2018 over 70% of all businesses are still not registered. Furthermore, nearly 50% of businesses expect to be fined for not being GDPR ready.

Do you know the risks?


If you want to sell your business, be prepared for the buyer to drop the price by at least 50%


Every person about whom you hold any information can claim compensation from you


Your accounts will have to make provisions for actual and future claims, reducing your profits, making it harder to borrow and ultimately pay dividends




Introducing PROTECT

The demands on business are mounting:

There are many separate solutions available – but none that tackle all the above together and effectively until now.

Increased Compliance Regulations regarding data, with significant fines for all non-compliance (GDPR 25/5/18)

Compliance required in taking payments (PCI DSS)

Pressure on Cyber Security with significant increases in Cyber-crime costing businesses £000’s daily

Major issues with email privacy with ePrivacy legislation coming into force at the end of the year that will make Directors personally liable for breaches

Strict protocols required on email, internet and social media posts with many business reputations already being damaged through inappropriate behaviour

What is Protect?


  • A ‘ONE STOP’ online solution for use by all of your business employees that is easy for them to access and use
  • Coverage of all key compliance, regulatory and protocol issues in an increasingly pressurised digital world from one source
  • Great ‘bite size’ courses on the key topics. These courses are split into 2 parts – Part 1 provides an awareness of the topic area for all employees. Part 2 provides a ‘How To’ guide for Managers/ Owners of a business on what to do. Courses include:
  • GDPR compliance – training from awareness to Practitioner level
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • PCI DSS Awareness
  • Internet, e mail and Social Media Awareness
  • Malware and Phishing Awareness
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • ePrivacy Awareness
  • 12 months access to the market leading online compliance tool provided by DataGuardsman. This tool will give you a step by step guide to becoming GDPR compliant as well as providing all of the policies you will need
  • £250,000 Liability Insurance!!!

In addition, as part of our special offer, the opportunity to complete the GDPR Foundation Level Programme free of charge and have one person in your business take the Practitioner Level Programme (together these are valued at £1,195). These cover areas such as GDPR fines, data subject rights, 6 principles of GDPR and many more. In short, all you need to handle the complex GDPR challenges effectively

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