Why become a Partner?

There is no doubt that the current business world is tough, competitive, demanding and increasingly uncertain. Uncertainty over salary, pensions, prospects, downsizing and cost savings are some of the factors that can demotivate some of the best and most skilled business performers.

At some point in their career many professionals start to experience some or all of the following feelings

  • I am not appreciated
  • All this effort and time and I don’t own any part of the business I work for
  • How can I generate real wealth for me and my family?
  • Will I still be wanted next year, what about 5 years’ time?

Most employees will battle on never knowing 'what might have been' but some will decide to make the leap into 'self employment' and investing in a Partnership is one way of reducing the risk working within a proven and well supported system

The next step in career progression

Becoming a Partner could be the best option for you if you are looking to leave corporate life. If you have the skills and experience in your chosen sector Tinderbox could help you achieve the wealth and lifestyle you seek.

Perhaps you have already made the decision to work for yourself but are finding it difficult to attract clients outside your personal network or are being tempted into contracts that you know you really are not capable of delivering – again Tinderbox can help.

We have two levels of Partnership available, the Tinderbox Partner and The Tinderbox Regional Specialist. The Partner will suit those looking to build their own region within Tinderbox and the Regional Specialist will suit those looking to deliver quality assignments on our behalf.

Potential Partners should be aware that they are not "buying a job" and that considerable skill and effort will be required to make their chosen Partnership succeed. If the idea of "working for yourself but not by yourself" appeals then becoming a Partner could well be the answer and if you meet our criteria then Tinderbox could be the answer for you.

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Who we have worked with: Hallmark Cards, Coca-Cola, Hasbro, Rolls Royce, Sunseeker, Mattel, MicroSoft, Argos, Auto Glym, P&G, Ferranti, FloGas, Lloyds TSB

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